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How to Install Browser Extension


Since the support of manifest V2 ends in Jun, 2023 for all Chromium-based browsers. We upgrade Chrome and Edge browser extensions from manifest V2 to V3.

Please refer to here for details of the extension.


If you install Clicknium extension from Chrome Web Store, and get the error "Unable to communicate with Clicknium native message host." from the popup window. There are two ways to install Clicknium native message host instead.

popup window

Two ways to install browser extension

Version Requirement

Clicknium Visual Studio Code Extension ≥ 0.1.9
Clicknium Python Module ≥ 0.1.10

Install from Clicknium Python Command

from clicknium import clicknium as cc

# install chrome extension

# install edge extension

Install from Clicknium Visual Studio Code Extension

Find the AUTOMATION TOOLS tab in the Clicknium Extension Panel and click the Install button.

automation tools