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def click(
x: int,
y: int,
mouse_button: Literal["left", "middle", "right"] = MouseButton.Left,
modifier_key: Literal["nonekey", "alt", "ctrl", "shift","win"] = ModifierKey.NoneKey,
delay: int = 0
) -> None

Perform a single click with the specified mouse button.

x[Required]: int
defines the X integer coordinate.
y[Required]: int
defines the Y integer coordinate.
mouse_button: MouseButton
defines the position of the mouse button, and default is left button.
modifier_key: ModifierKey
the modifier key("alt", "ctrl", "shift", "win") to be pressed along with click, and default is none.
delay: int
defines the time to wait between mouse down and mouse up, the unit is second, and default is set to 0 seconds.



from clicknium import clicknium as cc

# preform click on position (100,100),100)