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Focus on What to Automate, not How
Clicknium provides the easiest way to write automation for your business
Get automation codeStart automating a web or software with sample code including polished stable locators.
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AI powered GUI automation
technology for all types of
Clicknium(One python module for all
types of GUI automation)
automation type
clicknium vs others
Supports Web, Desktop & Mobile
Stop searching for automation libraries for different applications
  • Supporting Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE browser automation
  • Supporting Windows native application, Java application, WPF, Electron and more
  • Unified APIs for different types of automation
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all platform
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Auto-generate locators by mouse clicking
Stop searching for knowledge about writing selectors or XPath
  • Automatically generate locators for target element of any application by just clicking
  • Eliminate the troublesome manual locator management
  • Captured once, shared among different automation projects
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Higher Automation Development Efficiency
Stop switching around different tools
  • Seamless integration with your familiar coding editors like Visual Studio Code
  • Higher efficiency in writing code with locator IntelliSense
  • Support inline operations to capture and validate UI locators
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locator view
Meaningful locator path in code
Stop guessing the meaning of an XPath string
  • Easy to read code with meaningful locator name
  • Locators are managed independently with hierarchy
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Clicknium vs RPA
RPA is in full boom these days, more and more individuals and organizations start adopting RPA in different areas to replace repeatitive tasks by leveraging different automation technologies. Based on this, we are comparing Clicknium to RPA, especially from development perspective, to understand what could be a better option in accomplishing automation tasks in different use scenarios.
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July 26, 2022 · 12 min read
Sample - Data Migration
Many enterprises need data migration solution. For example, if IT system is upgraded,there is need to migrate data from legacy system to upgraded system. This is a sample for employee data migration solution with Clicknium desktop&web automation. Here is the details: migrate employee data from a legacy thick client application into new HR system.
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July 25, 2022 · 4 min read