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The easiest way to write pythonautomation with Clicknium ExtensionBeginner-friendly and highly improved development efficiency in generating locators and writing automation code.Try Now
Leveraging Your Familiar Code EditorThe extension is part of your familiar code editors like Visual Studio Code and PyCharm. You can generate and manage locators within the code editors for accomplishing automation tasks and don't need to switch to another locator tool. The extension also provides code syntax for locators to improve coding efficiency.
  • Visual Studio Code
  • PyCharm
  • Simplify Locator Management
    Locator recorder tool
    • Multiple locator capturing modes supporting various types of elements operations
    • Both auto-detect and manual select automation technology supported in capturing locators
    • Locator store for easy locator management
    Manipulate locators in code
    • Preview element snapshots in locator hovering
    • Capture/recapture, open/edit and validate actions in locator hovering menu
    Locator editors
    • Locator layer in visualization format for easy editing
    • Recapturing/validating/action simulations for opened locator
    • Recapturing/validating/action simulations for opened locator
    Higher Efficiency with Code Syntax
    Accessing locator via visiting path
    • Meaningful path of locator in code for better reading
    • Locator syntax for higher coding efficiency
    • Locator hovering menu for quick actions
    Locator error hints
    • Hint for undefined or non-existed locators
    • Quick fix for error locators
    Coding hints for type definition
    • Clicknium defined types can be imported by quick actions
    Make Automation Scalable with Clicknium Project
    Automation in isolated environment
    • Specialized python virtual environment for each automation project
    • The execution is repeatable across different developers/users
    • Easy for team members to collaborate in developing automation
    Independently executive files for non-tech users
    • Clicknium automation project can be packaged to independently executive file
    • Easy for setting up execution environment
    • Easy for clerical users to benefit from automation
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