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Python module for desktopautomation supporting all types ofdesktop applications. Clicknium python module provides programming interface and drivers to support all applications, delivering high performance and reliable automation results.Try Now
Easily Generate and Use Locators
Generating locators easily by clicking target UI elements
Clicknium recorder will focus and highlight target element automatically with locators generated by mouse clicking. It is easy to start automation with no need of sufficient locator knowledge.
Easily debug and trouble-shooting
Locators are defined per layers with captured UI properties for controller locating. Developers can easily identify the layer that is not detected and fix it accordingly.
Locators validation and simulation actions
Locator editor supports simulating UI operations on target UI control and validating locator validity and operations to deliver reliable automation code.
Support Applications Powered by Different Technologies
different technologies
Clicknium python module is built upon several automation drivers. So desktop applications built by different technologies, like java, .net, WPF, MFC, electron and others, are all supported by clicknium. Some legacy applications like silverlight and flash etc, can be supported by AI technologies like image matching and OCR.
Clicknium intelligently applies different drivers for different applications to achieve reliable and stable automation performance.
Enabling Different Automation Scenarios
Rich action types
Perform different automation operations by keyboard and mouse simulation actions + UI control invocations.
RPA process
End to end automation in production environment emulating human behaviors. Business processes can be automated by leveraging clicknium and other python modules.
Software UI regression test
Software UI automation test can be supported in development and test machines, and it is easy to integrate with any existing test framework.
How to use it?