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How to start recorder

  • Start from Visual Studio Code LOCATORS tab
    start from vscode local locator
  • Start capture in Visual Studio Code CLOUD LOCATORS tab
    start from vscode cloud locator
  • Start by pressing hotkey Ctrl+F10

Capture methods

Clicknium provides three recording methods:

  • single capture
  • continuous capture
  • image capture.


  • The new recorded locator will be added into current selected locator store.

Select capture technology and advanced option

We can select the capture technology and the advanced option with each capture method. For more information, please refer to Capture Technology and Capture Advanced Option.

Single capture

  1. Select UI element
    Along the mouse moving, it will highlight the UI element and show its position on recorder panel. sigle capture
  2. Press Ctrl + click
  3. Click the button Complete
    capture complete

Continuous capture

  1. Operate for multiple times by "Selecting UI element and Pressing Ctrl + click" to add more locators
  2. Click the button Complete on recorder panel

Image capture

  1. Select a UI element
  2. Press Shift and select an area of the element with the mouse
  3. Validate image locators as below:
    image locator
  4. Click the button Complete on recorder panel

Capture technology

The supporting capture technologies are as follows UIA, IA, Java, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and SAP.
The default technology is Auto Detect, which means the recorder will automatically select the technology.
For web UI element, you can choose IE, Chrome, Firefox or Edge capture technology according to your browser type.
For SAP application, you can choose SAP capture technology.
For Java application, you can choose Java capture technology.
For window UI element, you can choose UIA or IA capture technology.
select technology

Capture advanced option

Default advanced option is None. When recording web UI element, you can also select XPath to generate an XPath string.
select advance option