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Vivaldi Extension

You can automate Vivaldi by installing the Vivaldi extension.


  • Please close Vivaldi & Chrome browsers before installing the extension.


  1. You can install the extension in the following way:

    from clicknium import clicknium as cc

    # install chrome extension
    • Follow the wizard to turn on the extension
      vivaldi turn on

    • Open Vivaldi browser and click "Tools->Extensions" in the left side navigation bar
      Vivaldi extension page

    • Click the button "Enable" in the lower right corner of this extension.
      Vivaldi extension page

  2. You can refer to console output for more installation details.

  3. Hidden the status bar, this is important, as it has impact during recording.
    Vivaldi extension page


You can do the following setting to avoid opening mulitple tabs when open Vivaldi browser.
Vivaldi extension page

Use Vlvaldi in Clicknium

from clicknium import clicknium as cc
# open Vivaldi browser
vivaldi_tab = cc.chromium('vivaldi').open("", timeout = 10)