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def maximize( self, locator: Union[_Locator, str], locator_variables: dict = {}, timeout: int = 30 ) -> None

Maximize the window specified by locator.
Notes: The locator should be recorded using UIA technology, role is window, for example:
window locator

locator[Required]: str | _Locator
Locator string, the visit path of locator for target window element, eg: 'locator.explorer.window_downloads', locator store is explorer, and locator name is window_downloads. For more details, please refer to Locator.

 **locator_variables**: dict  
   Locator variables, set to initialize parameters in locator, eg: `{ "row": 1, "column": 1}`, more about variables, please refer to [Parametric Locator](/documents/concepts/locator#parametric-locator).
 **timeout**: int
   Timeout for the operation, the unit is second, and the default value is 30 seconds.



from clicknium import clicknium as cc

# get window driver
window_driver = cc.window

# maximize window

# parametric locator
variables = {"name":"test"}
window_driver.maximize("locator.notepad.window_notitle_notepad", variables)