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def screenshot_to_image(
image_file: str,
mode: Literal["bounds", "viewport", "full"] = ScreenShotMode.Full,
rect: Rectangle = None,
wait_for_page_delay: int = 0
) -> None

Save current browser tab's screenshot to file using CDP tech. Only support for chromium web tabs.

image_file[Required]: str
File path to save image.
mode: Literal["bounds", "viewport", "full"] = ScreenShotMode.Full
Define the mode to capture browser tab's screenshot:
bounds: takes a screenshot of the specified rectangle of the page, using parameter rect to define the rectangle.
viewport: takes a screenshot of the currently visible viewport.
full: takes a screenshot of the full scrollable page, using parameter wait_for_page_delay to wait the page ready.
next_page_button_locator: Union[_Locator, str] = None
The visit path of locator for goto next page UI element. If it's None, means just extract the current page data.
rect: Rectangle = None
an object which specifies clipping of the resulting image.
wait_for_page_delay: int = 0
The timout for waiting for the page ready, the unit is second.



from clicknium import clicknium as cc
from clicknium.common.enums import ScreenShotMode
import os,sys

file = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(sys.path[0]), "tmp.jpg")
tab ="")
tab.screenshot_to_image(file, ScreenShotMode.Viewport)