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def attach_by_title_url(
title: str = '',
url: str = '',
is_maximize: bool = True,
timeout = 30
) -> BrowserTab

Attach to an open browser tab with a specified title and/or url.

title: str
Title string, target web page's title, supporting wildcard.
url: str
Url string, target web page's url, supporting wildcard.
is_maximize: bool
is_maximize is set to define whether to maximize the browser window when attaching, and the default value is True.
timeout: int
Timeout for the operation, the unit is second, and the default value is 30 seconds.

BrowserTab object, you can execute following operations in the browser tab such as: find_element, find_elements, close, refresh and so on.


from clicknium import clicknium as cc

# attach ie browser, by title and url
ie_tab ="bing", "")

# attach chrome browser, by title only
chrome_tab ="bing")

# attach edge browser, by url only
edge_tab = cc.edge.attach_by_title_url(url = "")

# attach firefox browser, by title with wildcard
firefox_tab = cc.firefox.attach_by_title_url("bi*", "")