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How to Use Custom Attributes to Locate Web Elements


From Locator and Web Automation, you know which attributes Clicknium used to locate web elements, such as "tag," "id," "name" and so forth.
A web element may occasionally include additional attributes, some of which are significant and can be used to identify the web element.

Version Requirement

Clicknium Visual Studio Code Extension >= 0.1.9

Clicknium Python Module >= 0.1.8


For more about the installation and the tutorial of Clicknium Automation, please refer to here.


The example below demonstrates how to take advantage of this functionality.

Sample 1: Azure DevOps new work item page

We want to locate the 'Discussion' input area.

azure new work item discussion aread

  • It is simple to generate the locator like the one below using Clicknium Recorder:

azure new work item discussion aread

In this scenario, the "ancestorId" of the produced locator is dynamic; if you create a work item again, the "ancestorId" will be change. Given that Clicknium returns the values for all of the web element's attributes, choosing "aria-label" and excluding "ancestorId" will make the locator more dependable for this sample.

azure new work item discussion aread

In order to be flexible, you should alter the "title" to "New Bug *: - Boards". Please refer to wildcard locator and Recapture and Compare.